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I just love to find inspirational ways of helping our community, so I was really excited to find this organisation and have the opportunity to read their fantastic book 'Chapter One' which tells you all about how this business happened for them.

THANKYOU is a remarkable organisation working with an enormous goal ... to end global poverty. 

This team of young Aussies, located in Collingwood - Melbourne, are passionate about helping people who live with poverty every day and their organisation is about giving 100% to fund life-changing aid and development programs for people living in extreme poverty. Now you may be thinking this is all going overseas, well no ... Thankyou is also helping people in need right here in Australia. 

THANKYOU have made it pretty easy for us to help them help others ... simply by buying Thankyou products. Keep an eye out at your local supermarkets and I have also spotted their products at some pharmacies and other stores. 100% of profit goes to initiatives to meet the Thankyou goals. 

Have a look at their website to fully understand what these inspirational young people are doing
https://thankyou.co/structure or this site https://www.youtube.com/user/thankyouwater is a great intro into the next chapter of their journey ... a must see and read for all, or this site

http://wonderfulmama.com/ for lots of info for young mums and to join their newsletter.

 An inspiring and motivational Aussie organisation to support!


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