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Have you ever wondered why you have a real connection with some people, products and ideas and just don't have it with others?

We all have universal patterns of behaviour that influence the way we live our life, that draw certain things to us and away from us. But how conscious are you of these patterns and why you are using them in the first place? How are they affecting your life?

Do you ask yourself questions like ...               
'What is my purpose in life?' …  OR
‘What is holding me back from ………….? OR
'How can I change what is happening in my life?' …

Do you feel stuck, frustrated and unsure … wondering whether you are living a life that truly fits. Perhaps feeling unfulfilled like there is a gap ... something missing.

This questioning and need for answers about our life often occurs after we have experienced a trauma, grief, major set-back or inner conflict about our life that leaves us extremely confused. We begin to look for new direction and a deeper understanding of what our purpose is in this lifetime.

Take a moment to imagine what your life would be like if you had a manual to guide you. A manual that helped you understand yourself, family, partners, children, your friends, work mates, bosses … why they are in your life and why some move on from your life. Imagine having a tool to get you back on track when you become confused, overwhelmed or stressed and your energy levels plummet.

Psychologist Carl Jung, originally developed the concept of archetypes and according to his findings, it is archetypes that provide the foundation of our personality, our drives, feelings, beliefs, motivations and actions. The key to Jung's theory was 'An archetype can be: ... a collectively-inherited unconscious idea, pattern of thought, image, etc., that is universally present, in individual psyches'.

Archetypes are universal patterns of behaviour that, once we develop a conscious connection with them, help us to better understand ourselves and our place in the world, regardless of our culture or the time period in which we were born.  We cannot communicate through the collective unconscious, but we develop an understanding and recognition of the same ideas innately, including the energy patterns of archetypes.

We are all born with a life purpose to fulfil but without a manual to guide us … or so we think. When we take the time to look through the lens of archetypes to fully understand our personal archetypes, that are with us from the moment that we are born, we find the manual of our true self and the tool to give us direction for our life purpose.

The Benefits of knowing YOUR Archetypes:

Knowing your archetypes and how they affect every aspect of your life helps you to stay authentic to yourself. When a crisis happens in your life ... a relationship ends, loss of your job, a death of someone close, an illness, your world feels like it is shattering around you. Through archetype awareness, you have the ability to see why this is happening and how you have been suffering because you have not been connected to your archetypal path. When you connect with your unique archetypes they become your friends for life, your sign posts for direction, your intuitive connection alerting you to listen and they empower you to live the life you are destined to live.

Looking through the lens of my Archetypes: A brief insight into my experience.

"It was during a very overwhelming time in my life that I connected with my archetypal plan that helped me get back on track. I had returned to study with the plan to work within the area of social welfare, however, I seemed to be facing continual blocks to achieving this. What was going on? I thought I was heading in the right direction, my future mapped out. The inner conflict and frustration was draining my energy and pulling me down. Something had to give ... I needed to take another direction but how? I felt very confused, even detached, from what I was supposed to be doing.

As you may have experienced, when you are feeling really overwhelmed and down in life, it is not so easy to move your focus and be aware of new opportunities that may be sitting right in front of you. Several years before I had been in a similar space in my marriage, which I chose to end. I knew I was not being true to myself, the detached feelings I was experiencing were indicating that I needed to find what my purpose was in this life. Now, even though I was heading in a new direction and had it all planned out, I felt like I was back there again. I kept saying to myself 'here I am again, stuck with no direction, I should be doing better than this'.

Jungian psychology and the power of archetypes, grew to be a passion for me when I was studying and when my path crossed with the work of Caroline Myss, who is all about archetypes, I started to see the big picture. Studying her archetypal insights and learning about my individual patterns that I was running my life by, was the break through for me. This exploration of my real self opened me to new awareness, new courage, set me in a new direction and gave me the tool to help me find that something I felt I was supposed to be doing.

This tool changed the way I was communicating to myself. Through my Saboteur archetype, that is guiding the area of my communication, I began to see the 'confused shoulds' that I was telling myself. My friend the Saboteur was reflecting that it was time to take charge and be guided by my intuition, to what I needed to do. I needed to stop sabotaging myself in the way I was communicating to myself ie: "here I am again, stuck with no direction, I should be doing better than this". I needed to express myself with clear and concise direction. By looking at this one pattern, I began to make the changes to empower myself and express my will positively.
Fast forward sixteen years, my archetype manual is still open, albeit memorised, for constant reference to keep me on track. I know my Victim is guiding my sense of self-esteem, my Artist is expressing my creativity and my Peacemaker is guiding my spiritual growth. Whenever I feel challenges stirring in my life, I take a little time to look at what I am doing through my archetypal patterns and consciously do the work that guides me to the understanding of what has created the challenge and what I need to do to change.

It is amazing how powerful this tool has been in reflecting my patterns and lessons to help me stay on track with my direction and purpose in life".

So, if you're asking yourself any of the questions above, or feeling overwhelmed with were you are at in life, come and do the program below. You will be well supported while you discover your Archetypal patterns and behaviours and it will give you the chance to reflect on and make the changes you want to make in your life.

Archetypal YOU – the key to what makes you tick:

This transformational program is designed to help you become fully aware of your life purpose. Using the simple neutral language of archetypes, you will not only have the strengths of your personality defined; your values, motivations, gifts, ambitions and challenges will also be acknowledged.
Once you have developed your archetypal plan and worked through the life areas your archetypes correspond to, you can use the knowledge and practical tools to make more conscious decisions about everything in your life.
You will learn how to avoid the pitfalls and habits that are holding you back and transform your strengths. The results are life changing and allow you to become a happier, more authentic YOU.

Here are some of the key benefits of participating in this insightful program.
You will develop an understanding of:

*   The unique archetypes that are the core of who you are.
*   What really motivates and drives you.
*   What fulfils you.
*   How your archetypes are the keys to your personal power.
*   Your true passions.
*   What is holding you back in life and what will move you forward
     and keep you on track.
*   How to become more proactive and confident.
*   How to strengthen the relationships in your life.
*   How to keep your energy levels balanced.
*   Your best career choices.
*   How to transform your life and YOUR life purpose.

Creating your 'archetype manual' takes a bit of time and effort, however, the pay-off is well worth it. Not to mention how self empowered you will be using this tool, but also the wonderful outcomes you will experience.

So, if you would like to take the most rewarding steps and invest in a better future for you, you can:

Join our workshop on the 10th September 2017,
that will give you some great insights about how you can start changing the things that are affecting your life ... and kick start your Archetypal manual, OR

Enrol in the ONE-to-ONE Archetypal YOU - 7 week PROGRAM, that will give you a full understanding of your Archetypal tool and the changes to make, to get you on track with your direction and purpose in life, OR

Do it in a weekend by registering for The Archetypal YOU program ONE-to-ONE INTENSIVE.

If you have any questions or want more information about the program please CALL MARG on 0438 363 525 and have a chat.
Marg is a holistic therapist, counsellor and personal development consultant. She is also a trained Archetype Consultant with the Caroline Myss Institute.



"Participating in the Archetype Program has been a positive challenge and investment in my life. 
I now know exactly what I need to do and what drives me.
The program has changed my life personally and how I am in my business".  Tony

“Marg has helped me enormously over a period of time when I had to deal with extremely distressing and traumatic events in my life. Marg’s highly intuitive and deep understanding of the patterns, energies and behaviours that shape people’s lives and interactions with others, has been an absolutely vital support for me as I worked towards re-creating my life in ways that are more authentic and self-sustaining. Marg’s empathetic and deeply respectful ways of working are highly effective and very much to be recommended”.     

"My original purpose for participating in the Archetype personal development program was to help me find ways to reduce the intensity of my stress levels that were affecting both my work and personal life. I found the therapies included in this program to be very thought provoking and helped me develop a new perspective. The experience was really nurturing for me. I felt comfortable enough to share deep issues from within ... something I haven't done before".


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