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At the risk of being told to ‘get a life’ I am so excited to be unpacking my box of loo paper.

I ordered my special box of ‘bathroom poetry’ one day and here it was on my door step two days later. (Brilliant customer service.)

Now, ‘sitting’ time will be so much more interesting as I stack my poems.

If you’re wondering who would think of doing loo paper poetry, well this clever idea is the baby of an innovative organisation ‘Who Gives a Crap’ based in Melbourne. You may have spotted them on Facebook.

In their words, they are “determined to prove that toilet paper is about more than just wiping bums”. Their mission is to nurture our forests by making their products from environmentally friendly materials like bamboo. They donate 50% of the profits to non-profit organisations’ to help build toilets for those in need of basic sanitation in developing countries. The statistics on their website about the number of deaths due to poor sanitation is heart wrenching, so to provide toilets, this organisation is making a healthier environment for thousands of people.
Without sharing to much personal detail about the use of my first poetry loo roll, I have to say; they are super soft on the derriere, probably because they are made from 100% forest friendly bamboo … nice organic product, the rolls seem to be larger than other brands I have purchased, in fact they are double length, 3ply and 370 sheets to the roll. However, the absolute bonus for me is no ink, no dyes, no scents which =’s no nasties on the bot. Mmmm I think this is luxury.
Here’s what Who Gives a Crap have figured out …
“We’ve done the maths and worked out that for every roll of toilet paper you buy, you’re helping to provide someone with access to a toilet for roughly one week.
To date, we’ve donated $478,500, which is enough to help tens of thousands of people in need, and we’re just getting started!”

So, if I do my maths, that means I have just unpacked 48 weeks of access to a toilet for someone. It’s a little mind blowing to think that I can make that happen for people just by making this purchase … this is such an easy way to help make a difference.
This band of motivated guys are determined to be around for a while because they have big plans to grow the business. This makes sense because the more the business grows, the more they can donate which means the more impact they can have to help with what we take for granted … basic sanitation and hygiene. But when you really think about it, it goes far beyond that.
Their request: “It’s incredibly important for us to prove our profit-for-purpose business model can work. The more people who see this, the more social enterprises like ours can get off the ground and do great things!
It’s easy to support this fantastic and fun organisation. Jump across to http://www.whogivesacrap.org/indiegogo/ and help Simon get off the toilet and
https://au.whogivesacrap.org/collections/all to support and make a difference.
I love what these guys are doing!
Now for my first poetry stack.

Ummm ... I know, I know, I need to practice some more ...

Thanks for reading.


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