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Holistic Mind-Body Therapist,
Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher,
Holistic Counsellor, 
Personal Growth Practitioner,
End-of-Life Doula

Thank you for popping in ... I'm Marg.

My life thus far has found some interesting paths as I have worked toward finding my purpose. Thirty years ago, it was not within my radar that I would have the honour of helping people who are struggling emotionally with issues and trauma in their life, or overwhelmed with grief or feeling like their life is totally out of control ... and support them to become empowered to find purpose and direction in their life.  

Thirty years ago, I was wearing those struggling shoes myself. Overwhelmed with grief because my marriage had ended, raising my two young daughters, a victim to the lack of financial support and what really pierced deeply was - not knowing who I was. My life felt completely out of control even though I was fighting with everything I internally had to stay 'in control'. It didn't work. I was only surviving under the umbrella of victimhood.

So what changed this! I reached the point of surrender ... I had had enough of just surviving, there was no joy in that, no feeling of self fulfillment. I know this sounds a bit out there ... but I got a strong message to go study because my purpose was not what I was living. Now this in itself was extremely confrontational for me ... yes fear +++ at the thought of going to Uni and studying and changing my direction to something NEW. However, I needed to push through the negative blocks and start focusing on what would change my life.

I became motivated to study, research, practice, stretch my comfort zone, find the courage to share my mistakes and failures and learn ways to become empowered and find fulfilment in my life. Things began to unfold in unexpected ways during that time of 'finding my new direction'. Doors opened that introduced me to wonderful people and opportunities that gave me direction. When I decided that I wanted to learn and include Reiki in my life the teacher appeared, via a brochure I found, and now I have been a practicing Reiki practitioner and teacher for many years. Other doors opened that presented more difficult life lessons, that helped me grow personally. But the key to not sinking back into that place of just surviving was ... trust. I learnt to trust the guidance of my intuition and to stay focused on what my future goals and dreams were. 

Now, I look back over the past twenty years and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work beside many wonderful people in one-to-one private consultations, personal growth programs and workshops. Using a diverse range of holistic mind-body and energy therapies, Reiki, holistic counselling and personal growth tools, I gently help them open the door to work through their vulnerabilities, find courage and become empowered to make the changes that will change their life.

I seek to understand the difficulties people are facing, when their life feels hopeless and unfulfilled to them. I draw on my years of study and experience, and combine that with an intuitive and creative approach to inspire, educate and help people of all ages.

I believe that it is important for everyone to feel safe and supported in their environment when they are working through the source of their issues. When they have that support, it is possible for them to make changes and cross their bridge of pain, take the steps to achieve what they want and bring joy, balance and direction back into their life.

Australian Holistic Healers and
Counsellors Association

International Association of
Reiki Professionals (IARP)

Trained by:
Preparing The Way -
End of Life Doula

Natural Death Advocacy Network

Create mind-body balance.

"What I love and value about my work is the opportunity it gives me to
connect, support and empower people during the difficult times,
in all stages of their life. Helping them to embrace
self-awareness, confidence and inner peace. "

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