A passion to promote health and wellbeing for mind, body & soul

Venture along the tranquil path and stepping through the door enter ... a space

a space of CALM … a space to BREATHE …
a space of LOVE … a space to FEEL NURTURED …
a space to CRY … a space to LAUGH …
a space to RELEASE TENSION … a space to RELAX …
a space to GRIEVE … a space to REFLECT …
a space to HEAL PAIN… a space to HUG …
a space for SELF-CARE … a space to RE-ENERGISE …
a space to TALK  … a space to SHARE …
a space to be MINDFUL … a space to LEARN …
a space to gain CLARITY … a space to PLAN … 
a space to CREATE … a space to TRANSFORM ...
a space to find your TRUE SELF


Holistic Mind-Body Therapist,
Reiki Master Practitioner,
Holistic Counsellor, 
Personal Growth Practitioner,
End-of-Life Doula

Australian Holistic Healers and Counsellors Association

Australian Doula College

Natural Death Advocacy Network

Hi! my name is Marg and over the past two decades I have been very curious about what it takes for women, who are struggling to find purpose and direction in their life, to become empowered.  

I have studied, researched, practiced, empathised, stretched my comfort zone, found courage and shared my mistakes and failures, to learn about how important it is for women to be empowered and have a fulfilling life.

Having worn those struggling shoes myself for many years, I understand the difficulties women are facing, when their life feels hopeless and unfulfilled to them. I like to draw on my years of experience and combine that with an intuitive and creative approach to inspire, educate and assist women, of all ages.

Through my business Zen Reflections, I have had the opportunity and honour to work beside many women in one-to-one private consultations, personal growth programs and workshops. I draw on the diversity of holistic mind-body and energy therapies, holistic counselling and personal growth, to gently open the door for women to work through their vulnerabilities, find courage and their potential to feel empowered and move through the various transitions of their life.

I believe that it is important for all women to feel safe and supported in their environment when they are working through the source of their issues. When they have that support, it is possible for them to make changes and cross their bridge of pain, take the steps to achieve what they want and bring joy, balance and direction back into their life.

Other stuff that is my life … My husband Steve and I combined our families 18 years ago, and now our kids have blessed us with 5 grandkids … so far. These little souls have captured our hearts tenfold. We live in a tiny country town in a very progressive tourist district. We have viewing rights of the rich volcanic soiled hills, potato, canola and many other crops that are grown. Alpacas, donkeys, sheep, cattle and a multitude of birds keep us company in this beautiful part of the world.

MY MISSION - Create mind-body balance.

"No matter where you are at, at this moment of your souls journey,
my mission is to help you tap into your personal power and find
the direction and opportunities that will give you
joy, happiness and inner peace ... through every transitional stage of your life."

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