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"Participating in the Archetype Program has been a wonderful, life changing experience. It has helped me develop empathy and kindness for myself and others".  Lynne

"I couldn’t believe how quickly Reiki relieved my stress and calmed my feelings of anxiety and Marg just seemed to understand what was happening for me. I had a few sessions to help me reflect on the issues that were causing difficulty and creating the anxiety in my life. I also learnt tools that I can use to help myself when I need them. I am so grateful Marg for your unique holistic approach to supporting me and I absolutely love having Reiki".     Kathy – Ballarat.

"I was an emotional mess and had lost confidence in myself and my future. A one hour appointment with Marg and a Bach Flower Remedy changed my life around. A few sessions and I was back on track. I love the holistic approach and your magic hands". Anonymous

"Marg has helped me enormously over a period of time when I had to deal with extremely distressing and traumatic events in my life. Marg's highly intuitive and deep understanding of the patterns, energies and behaviours that shape people's lives and interactions with others, has been an absolutely vital support for me as I worked towards re-creating my life in ways that are more authentic and self-sustaining. Marg's empathetic and deeply respectful ways of working are highly effective and very much to be recommended". Kate

"My original purpose for participating in the personal development program was to help me find ways to reduce the intensity of my stress levels that were affecting both my work and personal life. I found the therapies included in this program to be very thought provoking and helped me develop a new perspective. The experience was really nurturing for me. I felt comfortable enough to share deep issues from within ... something I haven't done before".  Anonymous

"I consider myself fortunate to have had Chakra Balancing treatments from Marg. These treatments give me more energy, clarity and help me physically. I can stand much straighter after a balancing. I really feel a sense of well being and happiness. Love it".   Judee

"As a full time hairdresser I find that my shoulders and back get very sore. I have regular cupping and reiki and have found that this is the best method for relief. I would recommend this to anyone who wants instant pain relief and movement".       Gemma

"Bach Flowers are wonderful! I have used them to help me through different times of my life from grief and anxiety to the rollercoaster of pregnancy and through labour of both of my children. They are easy to take and so gentle that it is amazing the positive impact they have. If I am ever feeling like I need some support, Bach Flowers are always my starting point".     Elise 

"I arrived in a state of exhaustion my mind, body, emotions and spirit in crisis - I left in a state of calm and peace with clarity and direction. Over the next few sessions I learnt the skill of Mindfulness and this has helped me to keep things together during challenging times. Thank you Marg for your unique skills, care and understanding. ".     Ann

"Participating in the Archetype Program has been a positive challenge and investment in my life. I now know exactly what I need to do and what drives me. The program has changed my life personally and how I am in my business".  Tony


"A wonderful inspirational day. I go home a calmer and more inspired human being"
Virginia (Mindfulness for Women Workshop)

"I personally gained a lot from this class on Mindfulness. Although I'm not a newcomer to the practice, I have refocused and learnt new skills in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Marg is a lovely facilitator and her gentle and kind nature shone through. Thankyou for a lovely day where I felt nurtured and well fed. I can recommend this workshop to anyone thinking about it". 
Anonymous  (Mindfulness for Women Workshop)

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Mindfulness Workshop and recommend it. For me the best part was being still and being given the time to think how I do things, to be reminded of the things I had forgotten and to learn new things. Thank you Marg". 
Joanna. (Mindfulness for Women Workshop)

"Had a great day learning in a comfortable, friendly and relaxed environment. Techniques will help in everyday life". 
Anonymous. (Mindfulness for Women Workshop)


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