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Mind - Body therapies support your personal growth and bring balance into your life

Are you feeling unhappy, discontent, worried, overwhelmed, underwhelmed, stressed, anxious, angry or sad, or maybe you are grieving? Or perhaps you don't know how you are really feeling, but you do know that you are feeling stuck or that you are feeling your life is not going the way you want it to.

When you find yourself trying to deal with difficult issues and strong emotions that drain your energy, or you feel stuck on autopilot while trying to function each day ... life becomes distracting, uncomfortable and challenging. The good news is that this CAN change for you.

Facilitating change and empowering people is the core of my business in face-to-face or Zoom  sessions and workshops. In a safe, supportive and confidential environment we work together, taking an holistic approach by considering your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs.  We work through the difficult issues in your life, to get the best outcome for you.
We do this by using the best therapies and simple actionable tools that will help you ...

reduce stress, anxiety and/or overwhelm,
work through trauma, or issues that are keeping you stuck,
understand and release limiting thoughts and emotions,
ease physical and emotional tension and pain,
release energetic blocks and re-balance your energy 
build confidence, self-esteem and assertiveness, 
strengthen and build quality relationships,
find peace through grief and loss,
create vision,
find courage,
increase happiness ... and much more.

However, ultimately it is about helping you to feel more self-assured and have more self-control, it is about learning the tools to help you manage your emotions and it is about giving your energy levels a re-charge. Then you can confidently connect with your truth to heal your MIND and BODY and SOUL.  'Simply put ... It's about getting you back on track to move forward with positivity for your future.'

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Have you reached a point in your life where you feel stuck in a negative space and you don't know how to deal with the situation or emotions you are experiencing. Perhaps you have experienced a trauma or difficult behaviour like bullying, or you are looking for some clarity and help with self-awareness and confidence when making new choices and change in your life.

Do you ask yourself questions like ....
'What is the purpose of my life?' …
'Why do I feel so stressed and unhappy about life?' …
'How can I change what is happening in my life?' …

Do you have self-doubt, feel unworthy or fear being criticized?

Our one to one personal awareness and transformation sessions are designed to help with the issues that are challenging you and bring positive changes into your life. I will introduce you to some useful and empowering techniques that will enable you to work through any issues that may be holding you back. Your strengths, attributes and the potential you have to offer will shine and bring new opportunities into your life.

Therapies, personal growth programs and tools to support the change you want:



All of these beautiful energy balancing therapies are extremely beneficial when you are wanting to release stress, physical pain, emotional tension or to boost your energy levels. 

A treatment works on all levels of the mind and body and subtly balances your energy, leaving you in a calm, relaxed and balanced space. 

Available via Zoom or Phone Consultation


Bach Flower homeopathic remedies help treat and manage the cause of emotional distress and the demands of everyday life. Following a consultation, a combination of remedies are made up into a unique blend that will address your specific emotional needs and will help you feel more positive and balanced.


The workshops I offer are fun, dynamic and transformative with the aim to empower and support you through change, contribute to your personal growth and help you create and connect to your life purpose.

The venue is at Newlyn in the stunning countryside between Ballarat and Daylesford. Come and relax and enjoy our beautiful part of the Hepburn region.
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