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At Zen Reflections, YOUR WELLBEING is the heart of our business.

Good health and wellbeing are key to helping us function well in the world.  Feelings of wellbeing are fundamental to our overall physical and mental health and enable us to successfully overcome difficulties so we can enjoy life, maintain positive relationships and work towards our goals to achieve what we want out of life.

When we are happy and healthy, we are better able to support our family, friends, co-workers and other people. However, taking some time to look after our own wellbeing can often be on the bottom of the list of our priorities. We tend to focus on a growing workload and the demands in our life ... which in turn create increased stress levels and often overwhelm.

So many things can impact the state of our wellbeing ... past experiences, attitudes, beliefs, thought patterns, physical or emotional trauma, ... they can all have a significant impact on our overall wellbeing.

When your wellbeing is being challenged and life seems to be out of control and energy zapping, it is a sure sign that you need to give yourself some time to look at what is really happening.  We can help you get your life back on track using a diverse range of complementary therapies to assist your SELF-CARE and WELLBEING.

We take a holistic approach by using the mind - body connection to help ... 

*   Relieve physical, mental, and emotional pain and tension
*   Reduce stress, anxiety and overwhelm
*   Re-balance your energy levels 
*   Nurture yourself through grief
*   Work through challenging times in your life
*   Improve relationships
*   Manage life change
*   Find your assertive, self-empowered and confident self
*   Follow your life purpose
*   Transform your creativity
*   Develop tools that will help you achieve the life you want to create
     and ... take timeout for your self-care.

So, if you are experiencing physical or emotional pain, or struggling mentally with challenges that are difficult to overcome and stopping you from functioning properly in your day to day life, make an appointment and we will work together through the difficulties, to make life changes that will help you move forward and bring some balance back into your life.
There's never been a better time to open yourself to new possibilities that will improve your wellbeing ...

I offer one-to-one consultations and a calm, safe, supportive environment for adults, young adults and teenagers for  holistic therapies and creative personal growth programs. 
With 16+ years of experience, I am passionate about supporting you to take the steps that will lead you to new opportunities and solutions that may make the biggest difference in your life.

I look forward to catching up,
but for now ... create all that is good.

With love & healing

"I arrived in a state of exhaustion my mind, body, emotions and spirit in crisis - I left in a state of calm and peace with clarity and direction. Over the next few sessions I learnt the skill of Mindfulness and this has helped me to keep things together during challenging times. Thank you Marg for your unique skills, care and understanding".   

"I have been having Ear Candling with Marg for the past 3 years. Because I felt my ongoing auditory problems needed a non-invasive treatment, I was very pleased to find that the Ear Candling technique Marg uses is gentle and very effective.The treatments have improved my auditory problems, hearing and breathing. Now with a treatment plan in place I know I can maintain a healthy auditory system using a gentle and relaxing therapy". 
Elizabeth - CRESWICK




We know how difficult it can be to make appointments when you work full-time or when you need to rely on your significant other to look after the kids.

Well, we have extended our BUSINESS HOURS and hope that this will help you ... 
plan your
well-being time.


Ear Candling is a relaxed, non-invasive therapy to maintain a healthy auditory system.
Now is the right time for an early winter candling to help clear any excess wax build-up and congestion. 
However, if you suffer a cold or flu this winter ... an ear candling will help to relieve any post cold, flu or sinus congestion.
Our clients are amazed at the result and feel so relaxed after a session.
Call 0438 363 525 to book your session.
Safe and beneficial for children, adults and elderly people.


'Make kindness the natural way of life ... 
not the exception'.


What's the word
on the street???

Be Kind to everyone and everything.


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