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'Who looks outside, dreams ... Who looks inside, awakes. - Carl Jung

The services offered at Zen Reflections are designed to support you through all transitions in life to live life well and end life well.

Taking an holistic approach, Zen Reflections considers all aspects of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life to give you the opportunity to align with a life that is authentic with who you are and what you want. The tranquil, calming environment at Zen creates a space and an opportunity for safe conversation, allowing you to express and explore your personal issues and connect with your ability to heal and find mind - body balance.  The therapies, personal growth programs and workshops we offer are dynamic and transformative, with the aim to empower and support you through change and help you connect with your intuition, uplift your energy levels, find clarity, create balance and enrich your spiritual life.

Whilst we are all individual in the way we want to live life, we are also individual in the way we want to end life. 

The End-of-Life Doula service also takes an holistic approach when supporting individuals who are planning for their end of life or who are embracing their end of life. More and more people are opting to be at home for their end of life and death, choosing non-traditional funeral and burial options and wanting more choice in how their life will be celebrated.  As a trained doula, I work alongside people who are dying, their families, professional services, and those who are a part of the persons' care team, with mindful and compassionate care, respect and guidance. Including a doula in your care team, provides continuity for non-medical support and continuity of care. A doula 'bridges the gap' when medical and other professional services are not present, ensures resources are available, provides emotional support for you and your family and ensures your needs are met.  

So please, take a browse around the website and I hope, no matter what stage of life's transition you are at, it gives you information and inspiration in how I can help you ... to empower yourself during difficult times, so you can embrace and transform your life.

"Marg has helped me enormously over a period of time when I had to deal with extremely distressing and traumatic events in my life. Marg's highly intuitive and deep understanding of the patterns, energies and behaviours that shape people's lives and interactions with others, has been an absolutely vital support for me as I worked towards re-creating my life in ways that are more authentic and self-sustaining. Marg's empathetic and deeply respectful ways of working are highly effective and very much to be recommended". 


We develop a dream or vision of how we want our life to be. Happy is on top of the list, along with peace, freedom, fun, have purpose, loving relationships, a fulfilling job/career, work-life balance etc and when we are in line with our authentic self and our truth, we have these things in our life. However, life presents challenging experiences that may result in personal difficulties that push our dreams out of reach. Everything can become to hard to deal with and we can feel like we have lost direction.

Our list changes to stress, anxiety, depression, grief, overwhelming thoughts and emotions, depleted energy levels, unhappiness in relationships, perhaps uncertainty about your purpose or direction - 'need to find you again', or maybe struggling with dis-ease of the body or mind.
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There are a lot of traditional practices that are accepted as the only way to do dying, death and funerals. However, change is evolving through the growing awareness that there are choices we can make, for ourselves or our loved ones, for a more authentic and empowering end of life, death and celebration of life. 

We can be so much more involved if we want to be and the best way to do this is to have your wishes documented and share them with your family. Perhaps dying at home with loved ones is your wish, and perhaps after your death, your family would like to have time with you at home to care for you until your funeral/celebration of life. You can have this time of farewell on your terms, which is so much more empowering when saying goodbye and very helpful to process grief.  
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"My passion is to help people find new direction and opportunities during difficult times ... by gently guiding them to reflect on their personal issues ... to bring joy, happiness and inner peace into every transitional stage of their life."
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