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I provide a safe space
to support you
on your healing path.

Hi! I'm Marg and welcome to Zen Reflections. 

Life can sometimes sneak up on us and land us in some really difficult situations. We are thrown of our path with the challenges and we can find ourselves feeling stuck, distressed by the difficulty, our energy may be consumed and depleted and we may feel incredibly vulnerable.

Often amongst the overwhelm, pain, grief or maybe trauma that we are experiencing on a daily basis from these challenges, we look for ways to make it go away ... we just want to feel better, happier, more in control, but we don't know how to work through the difficulties and make positive changes for ourselves.

If this sounds like your life at present, then I can help you work through what isn't working for you, so you feel more relaxed, energised and empowered, and have direction to make the changes to what will work for you.

The work I offer at Zen, is designed to gently help relieve stress and anxiety, grow your confidence, build resilience, find creative ways to approach any issues, build a positive relationship with yourself and others, and help you cope with grief.


We are open for 1:1 appointments.

We need to follow some regulations
to keep everyone safe.
When you arrive for an appointment please
*  hand sanitise, and
*  be mindful to social distance.

If you have been in contact with anyone who currently
has the CoVid virus or you are experiencing symptoms,
please have a test or
do a Rapid Test to ensure you are negative
before coming to an appointment.

If you are experiencing flu symptoms,
please reschedule your appointment, rest and self-care.

The End-of-Life Doula Service is available.


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     Thursday        10am - 7pm
     Friday              10am - 5.30pm



"Marg has helped me enormously over a period of time when I had to deal with extremely distressing and traumatic events in my life. Marg's highly intuitive and deep understanding of the patterns, energies and behaviours that shape people's lives and interactions with others, has been an absolutely vital support for me as I worked towards re-creating my life in ways that are more authentic and self-sustaining. Marg's empathetic and deeply respectful ways of working are highly effective and very much to be recommended".
Thank you to ... Kate - (BALLARAT) you are inspirational.

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