"Saying Farewell ... Your Way"

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"Saying Farewell to loved one's ... Your way"

"Creating a celebration of life is a gift … given to you to respect and honour the life of your special person as you say goodbye".
As an independent Funeral Celebrant Ballarat, I bring a warm, calm, and compassionate presence to my role and gently guide and support you during this difficult time. I work closely with you (the family) to explore all the options to plan, prepare, and deliver a service that is respectful, loving, and true to your loved one’s wishes. Working beside you, I listen wholeheartedly to your stories to capture the uniqueness of your loved one’s life, so we can present an equally unique and authentic ceremony.

for me ... it is important to get it right for the family

"Everyone in our family are very happy we chose you for Pam's service - you were excellent! Thanks again". 

The death of a loved one or someone close to us is a difficult and challenging time, no matter what the circumstances are of their death. For some cultures it is an important tradition to have a burial as soon as possible. However, if possible, it can be very beneficial for family members and close friends to have time before the formality of a celebration of their loved one's life so they can come to terms with their loss. The funeral or memorial service, or an event that celebrates a loved one’s life gives family, friends, and colleagues, the opportunity to reflect on their life and say farewell. It’s a time to share the sadness of their passing as well as to remember and celebrate the things that made them unique.

Every celebration of life and ceremony should be as unique as the person they were, and tell the life story that is theirs. To ensure the service/event is meaningful and reflects your loved one’s beliefs and wishes, also the family's wishes, I encourage families to explore the many options available to create a loving, personalised, and authentic celebration of your person’s life.

Some things to consider ...

  • Would you like support to organise a living celebration of life/wake? 

  • Do you want a traditional funeral with the care and support of a funeral director of your choice?

  • Do you want a burial or cremation?

  • Is it important to you to have an environmental and sustainable burial?

  • Would you like a traditional cedar coffin, or a pine, wool or wicker coffin, or perhaps cardboard to decorate with special memories of your loved one's life, or maybe a shroud?

  • As your funeral celebrant, would you like me to guide you through a family-led funeral ceremony?

  • Would you like a traditional service, spiritual or non-spiritual service, a memorial service, or something simple with a ritual?

  • You can choose to have your ceremony in a chapel or church, by the graveside, in your garden, at a sporting venue, at a favourite fishing spot, or somewhere that was meaningful during your loved one's life.

There are many changes to the traditional way of doing a funeral. There are innovative and 'new ideas' ... and options for you to consider when planning a beautiful farewell. 

If you are thinking about your own celebration of life and wanting something different than the traditional way for your funeral, then some pre-planning is necessary to help your family understand exactly what you want for your celebration of life. By pre-planning and having your wishes documented, you are giving your family the guidance that will be much appreciated at a point in the future when they will fulfil your wishes.

If you would like some guidance and support with your pre-plan, please contact me and we can explore the options available and collaborate your ideas into an authentic plan.

As a family wanting guidance and support to farewell your loved one, we can meet, discuss the many options available, and plan something special to say goodbye and honour your loved one's life in a meaningful ceremony.

"I know what a gift it was for my family to be able to celebrate my brother’s life in the simple way that he wished …
to have his ashes returned to earth ... in a place in the bush … beside the dam that had significant meaning in his life ... with incense burning.

We said farewell - his way".

How I support you ...

As an Independent Funeral Celebrant, it is a heartfelt honour for me to facilitate the funeral process and take care of family and friends who are grieving. During your time of contemplation, reflection, sharing memories and stories of your loved one, I understand and respect the privilege that my role is privy to and the opportunity to hold space and to honour the uniqueness of your loved ones life. As we work together I ...

  • closely liaise and work beside your funeral director of choice, or

  • can assist you with the planning, co-ordination and logistics of a family-led funeral,

  • meet with you and your family members to discuss your wishes and options for the funeral service/celebration of life,

  • assist with ideas for readings, versus, prayers, music, tributes, and rituals,

  • spend time with you to get to know your loved one and their life story,

  • prepare and write a memorable and authentic service,

  • can write a meaningful eulogy to honour your loved one, if requested,

  • liaise and hold space for other family members or friends who will be a part of the ceremony,

  • ensure all the finer details are in place,

  • officiate and lead the funeral service at your chosen venue,

  • support the family through the whole process from the time of the death of your loved one through to the funeral service, and

  • will be there for you in any way to support you through your grief.

My aim is to ensure the celebration of your loved one's life is what you want it to be, and it would be an honour to support you to ‘Say Farewell … Your Way’.

A family-led celebration of life -
they did it their way

"I wanted to thank you for your guidance and expertise. Not only did you handle the logistical aspects with efficiency and grace, but you also went above and beyond to extend a listening ear, offering words of solace and understanding. Your presence and guidance have made an indelible impact on our lives during this challenging time.
We will forever cherish the memories created during K's celebration of life, and your genuine kindness and warmth made this incredibly special for us. Thank you.
AW - Ballarat

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