"Saying Farewell ... Your Way"

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An End of Life Doula is a 'person of service' who supports you during all stages of this chapter of your life.

We are all travelling in the same direction ... toward our end-of-life, however, for many this is a very confronting thought. As a society, we are not very 'death' literate, we tend to avoid talking about death, dying, or even making plans for this inevitable, beautiful transition in life.

Talking about death, gathering the information of the many options available to you, planning for what you want before, during and after death and documenting and making your personal choices known to your family,  is very empowering and helps you accept your mortality. Being prepared and having everything in place ... is the secret that allows you a new freedom to get on with living.

What does my End of Life Doula Ballarat service provide?

Along with community education and end-of-life planning, this non-medical and non-clinical role cares for and supports the physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual needs of those who are dying and their families.

Getting Organised

      End of Life Doula services          assists with

  • getting personal affairs in place

  • Advance Care Planning to ensure medical staff and your advocates know your wishes and to support future decision making

  • open conversations about end-of-life and death

  • exploring the range of options available when planning a funeral / celebration of life that is authentic to you

  • documenting your wishes and stories

  • building community awareness, through open conversations about dying and death, planning for your end-of-life and death, and the diverse range of options available to meet your wishes    

Working Beside You

End of Life Doula services
supports you by

  • establishing a calm, caring environment for you and your family

  • caring for you in your choice of accommodation during the end-of-life stage ie: in the comfort of your home, care facility, hospital, palliative care

  • helping with stress & emotional relief techniques

  • 'being there for you' to listen and talk with open, honest communication

  • co-ordinating access to necessary services and resources

  • liaising with your medical &/or hospice care team to help ‘bridge any gaps’

  • ensuring continuity of care and quality of life 

  • encouraging self-efficacy and self-advocacy for you and your family

  • offering compassionate care for you and your family during the end-of-life process

  • if you wish to celebrate your life with family and friends with a living wake, I can take care of the organising and preparations

Saying goodbye

      End of Life Doula services       offers

  • vigil and healing touch for a peaceful transition

  • after death support for families who wish to vigil and have time with their loved one at home 

  • assistance for those who wish to participate in after death home based body care and preparation

  • provision of resources to enable home care for your loved one, prior to the funeral

  • help with funeral planning, celebration of life and/or Do It Yourself funeral

  • ritual planning for personal and symbolic meaning

  • reassurance that your wishes are fulfilled

  • reassurance that your family's needs are supported

  • compassionate grief support for family members during their time of grief

Did you know that End-of-Life Doula services can be funded through your Aged Care or NDIS package?

What does your end-of-life plan, funeral / memorial service / celebration of life look like?

There are so many things that you can do to make your celebration of life authentically you. You can choose the traditional way of having a church/chapel service, or you can personalise your ceremony within the surrounds that are meaningful to you.
You can choose an environmentally friendly coffin or a shroud.
You/your family may wish to have a family led service or memorial service.
You may have personal values for the environment and wish to have an environmentally/sustainable choice for a burial/dispersing of ashes. So many choices and with careful planning, to ensure legalities etc are adhered to, my EOL Doula service can help you and your family make it happen. 

Do I need to plan my wishes?

There is no certainty of how young or how old, or when or how we are going to die. And there is no certainty that we will have the capacity to communicate our wishes and desires at the crucial time of needing medical care and at end-of-life. So, when we reach an age where we are responsible for ourselves, it is very important that we have our wishes clearly documented, so that everyone involved in our care team has clear guidance. We need to talk about our plans with our family, or those in the position to make decisions on our behalf, so they know what our wishes are.

Advance Care & Personal Wishes Planning:

Not sure were to start with your Advance Care Plan and end of life wishes? Safe conversations are a key part of the process and to have someone guide you through the process can make it so much easier.

If you need help with your Advance Care Plan and End-of-Life planning, my service is a confidential service, so please contact me to make a time. 

Let's talk about how I may support you and your family:

FREE - Initial 30 minute no obligation phone consultation:  
During the conversation we will talk about your needs and I will give you some insights into how my holistic approach may help and support you and/or your family and community.
So, please give me a call to arrange a time for a chat.

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